Experimenting with chalk paint

Have y’all heard of chalk paint? A cousin of mine told me about it two summers ago and I think I have an addiction. You can paint almost ANYTHING with this paint, it doesn’t require sanding or priming, a little bit goes a long way and best of all the colors are gorgeous! I can’t speak for other brands of chalk paint, but I use is Annie Sloan. The first color I bought was Paris Grey. It’s the perfect “drab” grey, but in a good way, and has a tiny hint of a bluish undertone. At the same time I bought Paris Grey, I bought a small pot of Antique White and the clear wax. I’m not gonna lie…I totally used the wax incorrectly on most of my ‘test’ items. It took me two six ‘test’ items to figure it out. Next, I bought the color Graphite. This color isn’t as scary as it looks. If you’re only slightly terrified of painting a piece of furniture black, then go with Graphite. Its more of a dark charcoal color.

Here’s the very first item I painted:

desk before and after

blog photo 1


This desk was found at MAM resale in Spring Branch for $45!!! My husband thought I was nuts when I sent him a picture of this desk. I had to convince him that it would look beautiful once I was finished with it. After all, it’s solid wood and had ornate detail on the front of the drawer and the legs, but not too much to look gaudy. I ended up keeping the bronze colored knobs on the drawers, but may replace them in the future. With the initial cost of the paint and clear wax (which I’ve used about 5 more times since), I spent a total of $150.

I also painted a small pedestal table that I picked up at Goodwill for $12, two dining chairs (which I also reupholstered and may explain my disaster with that) also from MAM Resale for $35 each, an antique buffet turned TV console and the chair that goes along with the desk. On a side note, the buffet table was a legit antique and I originally attempted to paint the buffet white, but the old paint kept bleeding through even after three coats. In cases where you suspect your item may be older than 60 years old, paint the furniture first with a clear shellac to prevent bleed through. You’ll thank yourself later.

And here’s the piece that I painted with Graphite:


This is the Tarva dresser from Ikea. I did not use the knobs that came with it. I opted to buy clear glass knobs off of Amazon for around $50 and it made a HUGE difference. I’ve also found knobs at Hobby Lobby, which they occasionally put on sale for 40% off. Changing out the knobs is an inexpensive way to make a cheap dresser look expensive. In total, I spent about $250 on this dresser. I priced similar sized dressers at around $500 and up…no way was I going to spend that! With a little bit of hard work, patience, and preferably a glass of wine…you can create a custom piece of furniture that is beautiful, unique and inexpensive.

Here are some of the websites I used along of the way to help me figure everything out.





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