What’s For Dinner?

Call me crazy, but I love cooking. I think it confuses people that I cook a yummy dinner from scratch nearly every night. Maybe it’s the creativity involved or the fact that I get a delicious reward when I’m finished, but I’ve been cooking since I can remember and I’ve always enjoyed it. Some days I work late and need something quick to whip up, some days I’m off early, but regardless, I rarely spend more than an hour preparing dinner and most of that time is just letting it cook itself! So I’ve decided to share what I’m cooking each week, where I got the recipe, my personal additions (or omissions) and approximately how long it takes to prepare/cook.

Sunday night: Creamy Jambalaya Pasta, about 30 minutes

It took me clicking through multiple blogs that cited blog, after blog to find the original adaptation of this recipe. I say adaptation because the original recipe doesn’t call for sausage and it could feed a small army. Whenever I make this recipe, I seem to be missing an ingredient. This time it was tomato sauce…I could have sworn I had some tucked away! But alas, I did not. So I improvised (which I tend to do a lot) and substituted with marinara sauce. I know, I know…that’s Italian, but it worked just fine. The first time I made this, I did not have white wine and used chicken broth instead which also worked great for those of you who prefer not to use wine. Also, I added cooked shrimp to my husband’s portion and he said it was amazing.


Jambalaya pasta

Monday night: Mexican Quinoa, about 30 minutes

This is great if you’re a vegetarian, or even if you aren’t! I was worried my meat-and-potatoes husband would hate this, but he wasn’t as suspicious of the dish as I thought, and now he requests it. It’s super easy, quick and the leftovers are even better. If you can open cans and adequately use a measuring cup, you can make this. For those of you who must have meat in their meal, you could add shredded chicken, but it definitely isn’t needed. As a final note, I always omit the jalapeños because my husband loathes them.


Mexican quinoa

Before adding the broth and letting it simmer.

mexican quinoa 1

Tuesday Night: Copycat Carraba’s Chicken Marsala about 30 minutes

Who doesn’t like chicken Marsala? If you don’t, I’m sorry we cannot be friends 😉 But seriously, this is pretty easy to make. Usually when I make new recipes, I look up multiple recipes for the same dish and combine what I like or what I have on hand. For this recipe, I dredged the chicken in a flour and seasoned salt mixture. To make this easier, I buy the thin sliced chicken and toss it in a gallon sized bag, then I add the flour with seasoned salt and shake, shake, shake! I’ve made this dish wish pasta and with mashed potatoes, and we prefer mashed potatoes. The sauce is a bit thin and doesn’t stick to pasta well, but it makes a good ‘gravy’ for the ‘taters.


chicken marsala

The sauteed green onions and mushrooms before adding the Marsala wine and half and half…yum!

Chicken Marsala 1

Thursday Night: Honey Lime Chicken Skewers, 10 minutes to prepare, 10 minutes to cook

These take a little bit of preparation ahead of time, but it’s not mandatory. I’m not going to lie, I don’t completely read recipes before committing to them, so I only marinated the chicken for 20 minutes and it still came out delicious. This time, I marinated for several hours. These would taste heavenly cooked on the grill during the summer, but seeing that it’s November and I’m a bit lazy, these went on the George Foreman grill.


honey lime chicken skewers


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