Hey Good Lookin’, What ya got Cookin’?

Dinner for this week wasn’t as eventful as the prior week. My birthday was on Monday and we had leftovers another night…but alas, I do have some recipes for you to try.

Sunday – Beer Chili

When I make chili, it’s similar to how a child would make chili. Let me explain. I grab whatever would seem to fit into a chili recipe and let ‘er cook. So technically I don’t have a recipe, but I use a recipe that is very similar to the following one, except I don’t use jalapenos but opt for a green bell pepper instead. And yes, I add beer into my chili even though I can’t stand to drink it. And no, I don’t have a picture because we had company over and I didn’t get the chance!


Monday – MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tuesday – Pizza Casserole.

Holy moly. This stuff was good. I had a second helping and Dustin had a third helping! We probably should have just saved ourselves the dishes and ate it right out of the pot. Honestly, if you are short on time you don’t even need to bake it. I felt that baking it dried out the pasta a little too much, making it rubbery, and everything is already cooked anyway. If you couldn’t tell, I used two different types of pasta. But who cares! I also omitted the bell pepper and used marinara instead of pizza sauce. This took about 35 minutes to make, but would maybe take 20 without baking it. This is definitely going to become a regular dish in our dinner rotation.



Thursday – Potato skins

These aren’t your traditional potato skins, ya’ll. They are super easy to prepare and you can even make a healthier rendition of them, but why would you wanna do that? Kidding. I’ve used olive oil in place of butter and left out bacon and they are still yummy! These are great because you can customize them however you want. This time, I used a combination of bacon, chives and pizza cheese. I usually use cheddar but pizza cheese is all I had on hand, plus it melts SO well! These take about 45 minutes from start to finish and most of that time is them cooking. This is one of Dustin’s favorite things to eat, and I usually whip them up as a late night snack. Don’t judge us.


Potato Skins

And just because I was feeling extra sassy, I made gingerbread cookies. Sorry folks, these were made with store bought Pillsbury dough…but I had to share my effort into making the dough into pretty snowflakes 🙂 And what goes better with gingerbread cookies than hot chocolate?



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