Christmas Crafts

Seeing as Christmas is next week (!!!), it’s a little late to be posting Christmas Crafts. Between work and family, I’ve been so busy lately and I’m wondering where the year has gone. I switched jobs to one that I absolutely love (seriously, it’s crazy for someone to love their job as much as I do), Dustin switched jobs as well, we rescued a Husky that we named Aspen, and we celebrated our one year anniversary! So sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this as much as I had hoped to!


Anyway, the first craft I completed was one I came across on Pinterest. Even though this is used on Styrofoam balls and meant for non-Christmas home decor, it worked well for making ornaments. You see, I’m going for a rustic Christmas look in our home and my cheap, shiny red ornaments didn’t exude the cozy cabin feel I had hoped to (nor did I know I wanted that look when I bought said ornaments three years ago). When I came across this tutorial, I thought, “I could do that with the cheap, shiny red ornaments”. And I did! With the help of my friend Tayler and her endless collection of twine, I crafted three of these bad boys.


Even though this is self-explanatory, here’s the tutorial…

My next craft project came from the fact that I didn’t want to pay $40+ dollars for a custom Christmas banner on Etsy, so I thought I could make my own for a bit cheaper. I figured I could run into Hobby Lobby, grab the items I needed and go! Nope. It was a fiasco. It took me an hour to figure out what I needed, and once I got home, I realized that some of the letter stencils were too big for the cardboard panels. I wanted to scream. I would have to drive to Hobby Lobby and exchange the stencils, except there weren’t any others that I liked and they were not the appropriate size. I thought “I’ll just paint the letters by hand!”. It actually turned out way better than I thought, and gave me the rustic, handmade look that I desired. It only cost about $15 and took me an hour. I basically used the oldest paintbrush I could find, and splotched (is that even a word?) shimmery white paint all over the cardboard panels and used a maroon paint for the letters. I connected all of the pieces with twine and ta-da! My nightmare banner was complete.



And the final product in action…


A big thank you to my wonderful husband who puts up with my cheesy ideas, and to Jessica Pledger who always takes amazing photos!

And a few more pics of our one year anniversary…just because šŸ™‚




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