Keepin’ It Healthy

Okay, so that title was totally a lie. Between the holidays and being busy with work, I found it hard to eat healthy. So I didn’t! Christmas comes once a year, so you bet I’m going to muscle down a few extra sugar cookies! And holy cow…it’s been over a month since I’ve written. I’m a bad blogger! Say that five times really fast…

I bet you did 🙂 Good job!

Soft Pretzels


What do you do when it’s New Years Day and you are watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and they show you a delicious soft pretzel that you begin to crave, but every place that could possibly sell them is closed? You make them yourself. I’ve made pretzels before, and they were kind of a pain to make. I came across some of those same difficulties this time, but this recipe was a whole lot quicker to make, as it requires no rise time. Yay! The problem I have when making pretzels is that the dough is very elastic. You start to roll is into a “snake” of dough and as soon as you let go, it begins to shrink back down into its original size. Frustration sets in. You curse the recipe Gods, and then realize if your dough was a bit tackier, it would stick to the counter and not shrink immediately. The second problem I have is dipping the pretzel into the soda water mixture. Without fail, my pretzel begins to fall apart, but alas, it’s easily fixed once on the pan for baking. These pretzels came out perfect, if I may so so myself! I even made homemade sauce for them found here in this recipe.


This recipe isn’t really recipe and I was cheating when I made these. It’s actually the Cafe du Monde box mix from the grocery store. So why am I including it? Because they were SUPER easy to make, tasted really good and the box is sold at nearly every grocery store in the Clear Lake area. I’ve never had the pleasure of going to the actual Cafe du Monde, so I had to see what everyone was talking about. Anyway, here’s my rendition of their famous beignets!


Homemade Biscuits


The other night I made some delicious homemade stew, but it definitely needed some type of bread to go with it. I thought “making biscuits can’t be too hard” and they aren’t, but I was feeling lazy, per usual. I didn’t want to roll out the dough, plus I didn’t have a biscuit cutter. I googled “easy biscuits” and thank heavens, there was a recipe called E-Z drop biscuits. Sold! I searched no more. These are the easiest biscuits you can make from scratch, and they are very similar to Red Lobster biscuits. You could actually add cheddar (which I did), brush with melted butter mixed with Bay seasoning and they’d probably taste pretty darn close!

The next morning, I warmed up the biscuits and served them with homemade turkey gravy. I made my turkey gravy pretty much the same way as regular gravy, but you have to soak up all the watery mess that is expelled from the turkey sausage while cooking (yuck) and add some of your own grease, a.k.a., melted butter. Finish up as you would regular gravy by adding flour and milk. Ta-da! Healthier (somewhat) gravy!


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