Say “Hello” to My Little Failure…and to some recipes.

Here she is…


Can you guess which one is mine? Don’t worry. All was not lost! I attempted to convert my strawberries into edible footballs with approximately four strawberries before lowering my head in defeat. I say “approximately” because there was a fifth football strawberry in the making, but I quickly gave up. I waved my white flag. You win, Pinterest football strawberries, you win.


Chicken Enchiladas

If you’ve ever made enchiladas, you know that corn tortillas can be tricky. There are very specific ways to warm a corn tortilla and if you don’t do it correctly, it will crack. As a matter of fact, when I first used corn tortillas to make enchiladas, they crumbled. And then I angrily threw the corn tortilla particles into the garbage. If you’ve had this problem, or you have zero tolerance for tom foolery, use half corn/half flour tortillas. HEB carries fabulous tortillas called “mixla” and they are great! They don’t crumble and you still get the corn tortilla flavor. I used a recipe from Tyler Florence and changed just a few things. I used precooked rotisserie chicken, used taco seasoning as the “Mexican seasoning”, omitted the Chipotle peppers and subbed one can of rotel for the green chiles. These were good! So good, that my husband who supposedly doesn’t like enchiladas says they are the best enchiladas he’s had and requests these! They took me about 45 minutes from start to finish, but then again, I didn’t have to cook the chicken.


Chicken Alfredo

Refrain from buying jarred Alfredo sauce! It’s so easy to make from scratch and it tastes amazing! I started making it about 7 years ago after my mom’s friend served it up. Back then I was shocked that you could actually make Alfredo sauce from scratch! I’m really bad about not measuring my ingredients, but this recipe is pretty close to how I make mine, except I melt 4 oz. of cream cheese before adding the heavy cream. This helps the Parmesan melt and to become less grainy. I know this isn’t “fettucine” Alfredo, because I used corkscrew pasta, but who cares! Throw this sauce on whatever pasta you have, add some cooked chicken and call it a day! The sauce takes maybe 10 minutes to make…there’s no excuse not to try it!



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