Cake Batter Blondies

Something super healthy just in time for summer!

I whipped up these cake batter blondies a few weeks ago to bring to a get together These were insanely easy to make, and everyone kept telling me how good they were. You can also make substitutions depending on what you like or have on hand. There are about a zillion types of rainbow sprinkles, and I don’t think you need any specific type in particular. You can use vanilla cake mix, yellow cake mix; I’d even like to try strawberry. I used the long skinny sprinkles you find at your nearest Baskin-Robbins. I almost omitted the white chocolate chips, because white chocolate is not considered chocolate in my book, but I really wanted to follow the recipe exactly. I’m glad I did! The white chocolate chips gave the blondies an added creamy and moist (do you hate that word as much as I do?) texture.

The trick to this recipe is to keep the batter as thick as you can while still being able to spread it somewhat evenly into the bottom of a brownie pan. Keep it as dense as you can, man! Solid!

IMG_6696 IMG_6699


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