Home Sweet Home

Well this is embarrassing. I haven’t written a post in almost a year. Things have been hectic, to say the least (warning: venting is about to happen). Around this time last year, we were given the choice to get rid of our dog or move. We moved. There was no debating this. Without going into too much detail, the property manager at our first apartment decided to make an example out of us by singling us out (and our dog), and fining us $75/per day (levying ridiculously high fines like this on tenants is illegal), without providing any notice of the fine (also illegal) for having a dog over the weight limit living in the apartment. Never mind the Doberman, Labrador and boxer also living in the apartments. The property manager threatened to have the police come take our dog (again, illegal). Rather than fight someone who doesn’t understand property management law, or Texas law in general, we went on our way to pet friendly apartments (shout out to Marquis at Clear Lake). This is where we lived while our home was getting built and we felt very welcome and didn’t have any more issues. Lesson learned- there are some awful people out there.


Last year in July, my mom and I went cruising around the League City historic district trying to find the Butler Museum, but she turned down the wrong street. We stumbled across a new, yet historic, neighborhood that I immediately fell in love with. Earlier last year, Dustin and I had been looking to buy a home but every home we liked seemed to have an offer on it as soon as they were listed. We felt defeated and had completely lost hope that we’d be buying a home soon, so when I walked into the model home of this new/historic neighborhood and was told there were homes for sale, I got very excited! Within a week, we put down our earnest money and by August we were designing our home!

Designing our home was a blast…a dream, really. I never thought we’d build our first home, as it was never something Dustin and I discussed, but as you already know, life cannot always be planned. There were a few minor hiccups along the way, but it was worth it in the end. I wish I had been blogging about the process all along (I know I wished there were more blogs about the step by step home building process…lord knows I searched for them) but I didn’t want to add to the stress.


Breaking ground…





Looking like a house!


Siding and Roof…


Kitchen details…


We closed on our home on December 23, 2015 and moved in the same evening after waiting several hours to hear back from the title company that we were funded. And if you’re wondering if I decorated my home for Christmas, I did! We shoved our Christmas tree into the back of my Jeep, ornaments and all, and set it up in our new living room!


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